Over 40 Years of Memories…..How to Choose?


How does one select an experience to share from over 40 years of memories?
Way back in the 1970s, Marlene Schwartz sent me a letter about a panel discussion NCJW was sponsoring on Domestic Violence in the Jewish Community. What?? Whoever heard of such a thing? Then in the mid 1980s Marsha Zucker, of blessed memory, asked me to chair a new project called Victim Service Council, also concerned with victims of Domestic Violence. As SPA I fought many battles on behalf of women, many who were victims of Domestic Abuse. So without even realizing it, that was to be my bailiwick for a very long time. During my years of chairing the committee which became known as Domestic Abuse Prevention, we worked closely with HAVEN and began the Luggage for Freedom program, among others. We re-stocked Safe Place, our kosher Shelter, to make it more comfortable for the survivors who spent time there. Carol Freedman and I spent a year researching the connection between alcohol and domestic abuse at the 52-1 District Court in Novi. This research formed the basis of the first Domestic Violence/Alcohol Abuse program used in a court. We worked at the Oakland County Circuit Court helping victims of Domestic Abuse fill out Personal Protection Orders. And, I think most important of all, I chaired programs on Domestic Abuse open to the community. While the audiences were mostly made up of our members who supported the programs, there was always someone who walked in looking frightened, usually clinging to a mother or a friend, who came to learn what her options were and how to get out of an abusive relationship.
Only NCJW could have offered me so many opportunities to feel fulfilled and accomplished. I will forever be grateful.