It all started when……..


As the current NCJW President, I naturally have a plethora of wonderful memories beginning with when I first became involved in this amazing organization. I first learned about NCJW from my friends and Bloomfield Hills PTO partners in crime, Cathy Cantor and Jennifer LoPatin. They were both involved and wanted me to follow the same path they had chosen. My very first memory is of sitting in my car and getting a phone call from Marsha Zucker (z’l) asking me to chair our one and only (at the time) luncheon fundraiser. At the time I was not on the Board and did not even know Marsha Zucker, but my willingness to chair the fundraiser was the beginning of a fulfilling relationship with NCJW and the Board. After chairing “The Fall Event” with Jennifer LoPatin, I was encouraged by Sharon Lipton (my mentor) to join the Board. I was already very active on the boards of other organizations, but from experience I knew that NCJW was a good fit for me. At first I sat back and listened, to learn as much as I could about NCJW, and slowly became more comfortable being an active participant. One of my fondest memories is of coming into the office and working on mailings. I loved sitting in the board room putting stickers on bulletins to be mailed out that were prepared by our administrative assistant, Eileen Gunsberg. Although it was a menial task, I learned so much about NCJW volunteers and their families by sitting and chatting while we labeled; that is where the friendships began. I became more and more involved and began chairing a variety of committees, and along the way I made life-long friendships that I treasure. I became a vice-president, a position in which I served for 6 years, and my commitment to the organization grew and grew. I loved attending National meetings where I met like-minded women from all over the country. I was honored and delighted when I was awarded the “Emerging Leader Award” which showed me that the Greater Detroit Section had confidence in me as a leader. Now, I have emerged into the role of the section’s president, and even though my term has just begun I have already begun creating memories as well as envisioning an incredible future. I am fortunate that I have so many past presidents that support me and help me through this adventure. I close my eyes and I see the Board joining me on an exciting journey. I close my eyes and see our Executive Director, Susan Gertner guiding me through difficult moments, and showing me the way to be a successful leader. I close my eyes and I see others whom I am mentoring and encouraging to go down this same path. All of these memories are special and have made my life fulfilling and meaningful. NCJW volunteers breathe, eat and sleep NCJW, and as you can see in the picture we even “dress” NCJW.