It all began with one meeting . . .


In late 2003, my dear friend, Jennifer LoPatin, insisted that I join a committee she was involved in at National Council of Jewish Women. I was busy – and not interested in getting busier – but how do you say no to a persistent friend? I couldn’t, and that continues to be one of the luckiest things that ever happened to me!

When I attended the meeting and met the women at NCJW I was immediately drawn to the organization. These women believed in the same social justice ideals that I did – and they were intelligent, informed, active, fun and not one was afraid to voice an opinion! I loved these women!

Over the ensuing years, my devotion to NCJW has not wavered. I’ve become increasingly more active over the years, chairing committees, joining the Board, becoming a Vice President, then President (from 2008 – 1010), a Commissioner and now an SPA.

This is an organization that I love and continue to want to be part of. It is amazing to me that our Section is 125 years old – the women who came before us set a wonderful course for us, and we continue to steer our ship to our goal of “social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children and families and … safeguarding individual rights and freedoms.”