Chances are, you’ll keep coming back!


Sixteen years ago my family moved to the Detroit area. With four growing kids to keep me busy, I decided to put volunteer work “on hold”. Shortly after we settled in, Ellie Slovis asked me to bring the kids to the NCJW office to help out with the Backpack Project. “It’s a one-time commitment that only takes a few hours and the kids will love it,” she assured me. She was right. The kids loved the experience, as did I. Ellie kept coming back to me to try to get me involved but, more often than not, I had excuses of being busy with the kids, their school and home life, and synagogue commitments. Around eight years ago, Ellie tried again. “Come to Coleman Young Elementary School and read in a classroom or two. We go one morning a month. You can just come this once, if you want. The kids love it, and you will too!” How could I refuse? It was just one morning of my time. So I went. Then I went back the next month. (I haven’t stopped going yet!) A couple of years later, there was talk of NCJW creating a tutoring program at the school. Then the library needed an overhaul as it was antiquated and disorganized. I was hooked. Knowing that we were making a difference in the students’ lives kept me coming back. Before I knew it I had joined the board, to work on literacy outreach. There are so many valuable, worthwhile, and fun projects to work on in our section. Ellie taught me that whether you work on a year long project or just give a few hours of your time here and there, you WILL make a difference; and chances are, you’ll keep coming back!