A Memory Not to be Forgotten


When I first joined NCJW about 13 years ago after retirement, I never thought I would become so involved with one particular project that NCJW supports.

After becoming a co-chair and then chairperson of Project Friendship with Kadima, and after several years of working with Kadima clients, my husband Mike and I have come to realize the importance and the rewards of this project. Putting smiles on clients’ faces and seeing what a difference it makes in their outlook and emotional well being has been very rewarding. It has enhanced our understanding of the many issues related to mental illness and its affect on the entire community.

What a surprise it was when my husband and I were honored with the Volunteer of the Year Award at their year-end dinner for the Kadima Board.  An article about the award appeared in the Jewish News.

This was a special memory for my husband and me, and one we will always remember.  It all came about because of NCJW’s continuing commitment to improve the quality of life of those in the community who are in need of assistance; in this case, giving support to those who struggle with mental health disabilities.