Meals on Wheels – The History of


A memory from Past President: Sonia Macey (1982- 1984)

MOW – Meals on Wheels, what an important project. Here is a little history lesson on how it all began. In London during the Blitz, people were trapped in their apartments and meals were delivered to them. When people came to the East Coast, they brought this concept with them. Meals on Wheels was started by the women of NCJW in Baltimore, Maryland where I was born. Meals on Wheels was tremendously successful, serving 1400 – 1800 meals per day, can you imagine? This however was not just Jewish recipients of meals. The meals were prepared and packed in Levintown. I went with my Mother to learn the system, and learn it I did! Years later in Detroit, Dorothy Kaufman (z’l) and I brought the Kosher Meals on Wheels to Detroit. We set up the system, a day chair for each day of the week. Volunteers like Babs Kaufman (z’l), came back year after year making Kosher Meals on Wheels a priority. Another memory from my Presidency is the advocacy work we did for children. We were trained by the courts and we looked for hidden Jewish children that were in the foster care system. I also remember Billie Barak. I know you have a fund for her set up by her husband to honor her and I understand that is used for your Board retreats. Regards from Florida. Best, Sonia