Meals on Wheels, 25th Anniversary


My mother, Adele Sonenklar, and I are the only pair to serve as Presidents of Greater Detroit Section, 20 years apart. One of my special memories as President is from 1997 when we observed the 25th anniversary of Meals on Wheels. The celebration grew to include other highlights as well. Our National President, Nan Rich, came to town and spent three days with us, as we had a series of activities planned. 300 – 400 people attended the dinner at Temple Beth El. The program featured the first Josephine S. Weiner Awards, Dr. Ruth was our keynoter and our first Ad Journal was a great success (See Cover). During that same three day period, we had a Board meeting where Rabbi Syme blessed the mezuzah placed at our new office, we held our Installation there as well and there was a Life Member Tea at my home. What a memorable time for so many of us.