Home Away From Home


For over 40 years, NCJW / Greater Detroit has been my home away from home, something that has been mine, a special part of me. There are so many wonderful memories. One of my cherished times was helping to create All Kids Playground. Over a three year period, Myrna Edgar, Judy Rosenberg, Marsha Zucker and I worked along with many other NCJW women to develop the concept of a universally accessible playground; a place where children of all physical and mental abilities could play together. My co-chairs and I spent hours working with the City of Waterford and the equipment company. We led committees that did major fundraising and publicity efforts. We capped off the project with a special event featuring Ted Kennedy, Jr. as our keynote speaker. There was a lot of work that had to be done by so many, but I loved every minute that I devoted to it. Working with and making friends with the amazing women who give so much of themselves has made me very proud to be a member of NCJW.