From Meals on Wheels to the Boardroom


43 years ago, one of my neighbors asked me if I’d like to help her pack meals for a new project that NCJW/GDS had just started. I had never heard of the organization, but the project sounded interesting, My children were all in school and I had the time. I soon learned that the program was Kosher Meals on Wheels and its purpose was to deliver 2 meals a day 5 days a week to those in our community who could no longer shop for themselves or who could no longer prepare meals. I got hooked immediately and 2 years later was apointed co-chair of the program and was also appointed to the Board of Directors. I soon learned of the vast scope of programs, activities and advocacy projects in which NCJW was involved. The variety has continued to be mind-boggling and I continue to be amazed at what this outstanding organization accomplishes. I’m so glad I became a packer on that Wednesday morning 43 years ago!