Proud to be a part of it!


My very first memory I have of NCJW is of my dear friend Sandi Matz encouraging me to join. It was not long after that I became involved in various committees and was asked to join the board. Now, I have been asked to serve as an officer and I am thrilled.

Because of that encouragement I feel a tremendous pride in getting to meet and work with a group of wonderful, intelligent and stimulating women doing important work in and for our community.

If I had to pick out a memory that stands out most it would be volunteering at the Back 2 School Store. I brought my husband with me and we were both so impressed by this program and its impact on all of the children who participated. We could not wait to go back and volunteer the next year!

Tikkun Olam is a special value that I hold in high regard and NCJW/GDS enables me to make memories in pursuit of this value.